Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND Indoor Cycling Fan

Meet the Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND, this smart fan is your ticket to optimal airflow. Designed to automatically keep you cool, by adapting its speed based on your intensity by pairing with ANT+ Sensors, like the Wahoo HRM armband, and your choice of smart trainer.


Cool smarter with the Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND

  • Adaptive Speed: Connects to ANY smart trainer or ANT+ heart rate sensor, like the Wahoo TICKR FIT, to adjust the fan speed based on your pace or heart rate.
  • Manual Control: Prefer buttons? Choose from four pre-programmed fan speeds, or control via the Wahoo app. 
  • Wind + Speed: Feel maximum cooling with max wind speeds reaching 48 km/h.
  • Perfectly Positioned: Two adjustable leg positions and wheels, make putting the breeze where you want it, well, a breeze.

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  • Sensor based fan speed can be controlled via any ANT+ speed sensor, HRM, or smart trainer directly.
  • Four pre-programmed fan speeds allow you to select the ideal airflow. 
  • Replicates wind speeds topping out at over 48 km/h. 
  • Features two adjustable leg positions, as well as wheels and built-in cord wrap to keep things organized.
  • Includes a 2-year limited warranty.

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Tech specs
  • Motor Spec: 120v 60hz 
  • Dimensions (leg tucked): 41cm L x 31cm W x 48cm H
  • Dimensions (leg extended): 46cm L x 31cm W x 48cm H 
  • Weight: 5.5 kg 
  • Max Fan Speed: 48 km/h 
  • Adjustable Leg: Yes - 2 Positions

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Shipping & Returns


  • Orders placed before 2 pm CET typically ship the same day
  • Standard shipping is 1–5 business days 
  • Ships locally from our NL warehouse


  • We offer a 30-day return policy on all products 
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